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JENNIFER WEBTAMI WEBMATTHEW WEBMotivate your Bible study group with inspiring, Scripture-based talks by Turning to God’s Word Catholic speakers. All of our authors are available to speak on a variety of topics related to Scripture study and lectio divina. Contact us to discuss additional Catholic topics.

The Bible: What’s In It for You?—Learn how the study of the Scriptures is relevant for contemporary Christians, and discover how to turn to God’s Word for guidance and support in all of life’s situations.

And on the Eighth Day: A Journey into the Future by Understanding the Past—Look at how New Testament prophecy lays out the future of Christianity by means of an analog from our past. Based on The Revelation of Jesus Christ: The Faithful Witness.

How Are We Saved? Unpacking the Mechanism of Our Salvation—This talk answers the question: “How is it that the death of one person could atone for the sin of many?” by unpacking the major themes present in The Letter to the Hebrews: An Explanation of the Mechanism of Our Salvation.

What’s So Special about the Fourth Gospel?—Learn how the Gospel According to John differs from the synoptic Gospels and unpack the major themes present in The Gospel According to John: An Encounter with Grace & Truth. 

The Holy Spirit: The Church’s Living Memory—This is an in-depth look at how the Bible encourages us to use our memory to connect with the Most Holy Trinity through prayer.

Lectio Divina: Dialogue with God—Discover how to engage in dialogue with God through the ancient and time-tested, Catholic approach to Bible study, lectio divina.

A Cause of Great Joy: The Catechism of the Catholic Church—Get the most out of the Catechism as an invaluable aid to Scripture study while discovering hidden riches within its pages.

Biblical Foundations of the Priesthood—An examination of the Old Testament foreshadowing of the priesthood of Jesus Christ, beginning with Melchizedek and then Aaron before looking at how David, Ezra, and the Maccabees had influenced the priesthood by the time of the New Testament.

The Most Unpopular Virtue Ever—You won’t find many books about obedience in the spiritual section of your local bookstore, yet both Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary exemplify this virtue. Learn why it’s essential to faith.

Humility: A Different Kind of 12-Step ProgramThe Rule of St. Benedict identifies everything we need to do to advance in our spiritual lives. Learn how to follow this saint as a guide on the path to holiness

Teaching Children and Teens to Love the Rosary—Tami Palladino’s discussion about how she taught her six children to pray the Rosary, and how as a youth minister she shares her love of the Rosary with other people’s children.

Traveling with St. Paul—Journey through the Acts of the Apostles with perhaps the most influential Christian converts of all time. Ideal for R.C.I.A. groups and new Catholics.

Messianic Prophecies—Trace the biblical prophecies of a Savior from the beginnings of the Old Testament through John the Baptist crying in the wilderness.

Jesus’ Passion: The Story of Redemptive Suffering—Based on Jennifer’s popular Bible study explaining what’s scriptural and what’s not in the movie The Passion of the Christ.