GENESIS LOOK 022516In the Beginning:
The Book of Genesis

This 28-lesson Catholic Bible study examines the earliest events in biblical history to consider how they’ve shaped our Christian faith. buy a bookThe first seven lessons of In the Beginning: The Book of Genesis provide an in-depth look at the scriptural accounts of Creation, the Fall of Adam and Eve, the story of Cain and Abel, and the great Flood. The remaining lessons focus on the lives of the patriarchs and the role each played in preparing for the coming of Jesus Christ. Written by Jennifer McGaw Phelps and Matthew Phelps, In the Beginning: The Book of Genesis features illustrations by Tami Palladino, as well as informational maps and genealogical charts. This study is intended to provide a strong foundation for serious study of other books of the Bible, and it has been granted an imprimatur by the Most Reverend Richard E. Pates, bishop of Des Moines. It can be purchased from our website shop.

Check out our online study pages with supplemental commentary and links to video overviews of each lesson.

Lesson 1 And God Said, ‘Let There Be Light’*
Lesson 2 ‘It Is Not Good That the Man Should Be Alone’
Lesson 3 The Fall of Adam & Eve
Lesson 4 Cain Rose Up Against His Brother
Lesson 5 The Wickedness of Man Was Great
Lesson 6 The Great Flood & God’s Covenant with Noah
Lesson 7 Canaan: A Slave of Slaves
Lesson 8 The Call of Abram
Lesson 9 Abram Questions the Lord GOD
Lesson 10 God’s Covenant with Abraham
Lesson 11 The Destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah
Lesson 12 The Birth of Isaac
Lesson 13 God Tests Abraham
Lesson 14 Isaac & Rebekah
Lesson 15 Esau & Jacob
Lesson 16 Isaac Blesses Jacob; Jacob’s Dream at Bethel
Lesson 17 Jacob & Rachel
Lesson 18 Jacob Separates from Laban
Lesson 19 Jacob Wrestles at Peniel
Lesson 20 The Story of Dinah
Lesson 21 The Birth of Benjamin & the Death of Rachel
Lesson 22 Joseph Is Sold into Slavery by His Brothers
Lesson 23 Judah & Tamar; Joseph & Potiphar’s Wife
Lesson 24 Joseph Interprets Dreams
Lesson 25 Joseph’s Brothers Travel to Egypt
Lesson 26 Joseph Discloses His Identity to His Brothers
Lesson 27 Thus Israel Dwelt in Egypt
Lesson 28 Jacob’s Final Words to His Sons

*includes sample lesson