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Bible translations—Learn about the Bible by comparing translations. Find out about the Interlinear Bible, and read information about The Revised Grail Psalms. You also can access a link to the online version of that new English translation.

Catholic & Protestant—Learn the differences between these two Bibles as well as the reasons behind why they differ.

senses of Scripture—Take a look at an example of the literal and spiritual senses of Scripture to learn how understanding these senses can aid in understanding the Bible.

sola scriptura—Learn how differing views of religious authority affect religious doctrine.

commentaries & more—Find out the difference between Bible study and study Bibles; learn about Bible atlases, Bible dictionaries, and concordances; and read an analysis of some popular commentaries.

Catholic Catechism—Read a history of the development of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, compare versions available, and learn 10 tips to make using the Catechism easier.