Bible study resources

question markBookstores, libraries, and the Internet contain a dizzying array of Bible study resources designed to aid in your study of the Scriptures. Navigating your way around all the books and online materials can be time-consuming and more than a little scary. What’s the best way to choose resources you can trust and that will prove useful? Turning to God’s Word is here to help.

Find out how Catholics can use the Catechism of the Catholic Church to help shed light on the relationship between Scripture and Church teaching, and link to an online version of the Catechism. Learn the difference between commentaries, study Bibles, and Bible studies, as well as how you can determine the best way to use each in your own study of the Bible.  Then check out ex libris, our selection of recommended books related to Bible study and other Catholic topics.

using the Catechism—some history about one of the best Bible-study resources available to Catholics; 10 tips to make using the Catechism easier; a link to an online searchable version of the Catechism of the Catholic Church

commentaries and more—information about all kinds of other Bible-study resources, including study Bibles, Bible studies, commentaries, atlases, Bible dictionaries, and concordances; brief reviews of some specific commentaries

ex libris—short reviews and excerpts of books pertaining to some of our favorite Catholic topics