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The following book offers insights into the history and theology particularly relevant to Turning to God’s Word Catholic Bible studies on books of the Old Testament.

god's word to israelGod’s Word to Israel
by Joseph Jensen
The Liturgical Press, Collegeville, Minnesota
ISBN 0-8146-5289-1

Although intended as a college textbook, this work by Joseph Jensen is more easily digested than Ethical Dimensions of the Prophets (see above). God’s Word to Israel will serve as a boon companion for anyone approaching the Old Testament with the aim of learning more about what it is that God is saying to humanity. The author is well aware that reading his introduction to the Old Testament is in no way a substitute for reading God’s Word. Jensen’s book provides background for additional reflection after first reading the Scriptures.

“The central message of the New Testament is that the redemption which Israel had long expected has at last been accomplished. The events by which God called Israel, formed its expectation, and brought this expectation to fulfillment, make up the message contained in the Bile—not a list of dry propositions, not a compilation of abstract truths, but a series of events which take place in human history. The events by which God is believed to have revealed himself and his plan for the redemption of fallen mankind is often called “salvation history” (Heilsgeschichte). The term supposes a God who is truly the Lord of history and whose will is to save.”