The United UNITED KINGDOM LOOK 052517Kingdom of Israel:
Foreshadowing the Reign of Christ the King

This 28-lesson Catholic Bible study examines the lives of Saul, David, and Solomon to learn how their monarchies—especially the reign of David—point ahead to the kingdom of buy a bookheaven.  Among the more compelling reasons to study the united kingdom is that it serves as a type of the kingdom established by Jesus Christ. An important characteristic of this Old Testament kingdom is seen in the name that we use to refer it. In the united kingdom, the people of God are gathered into one nation. Unity is one of the four marks of the Church, and in the Nicene Creed each Sunday, we profess our Church to be “one, holy, catholic, and apostolic.” Written by Jennifer McGaw Phelps and Matthew Phelps, The United Kingdom of Israel: Foreshadowing the Reign of Christ the King provides a strong foundation and helpful historical background for serious study of other books of the Bible, including the New Testament and the Book of the Psalms. This Catholic Bible study has been granted an imprimatur by the Most Reverend Richard E. Pates, bishop of Des Moines, and can be purchased from our website shop.

Check out our online study pages for supplemental commentary and video overviews of each lesson, as well as a link to our online glossaries. Some online study pages and video overviews still are being created and will be posted as they become available.

Lesson 1 God’s People Ask for a King*
Lesson 2 Samuel Anoints Saul
Lesson 3 Saul Displeases the LORD
Lesson 4 God Regrets Making Saul King
Lesson 5 David Is Anointed by Samuel
Lesson 6 David & Jonathan: Two Best Friends
Lesson 7 The Priest Ahimelech Helps David Flee from Saul
Lesson 8 David Eludes Saul in the Wilderness
Lesson 9 David & Abigail; David Again Spares Saul’s Life
Lesson 10 Saul Consults a Medium at En-Dor
Lesson 11 David Mourns the Deaths of Saul & Jonathan
Lesson 12 David Is Acclaimed King of Judah & King of Israel
Lesson 13 David Brings the Ark to Jerusalem
Lesson 14 God’s Promise to David
Lesson 15 David’s Sin; the Birth of Solomon
Lesson 16 Amnon, Tamar & Absalom: David’s Children
Lesson 17 Absalom Usurps the Throne
Lesson 18 Good & Bad Counsel: Problems for Absalom
Lesson 19 David Mourns the Death of Absalom
Lesson 20 Dissension: Jacob’s Descendants Disagree
Lesson 21 The Sweet Psalmist of Israel
Lesson 22 David Sins by Numbering the People
Lesson 23 Solomon’s Struggle for Succession
Lesson 24 The Wisdom of Solomon
Lesson 25 Solomon Builds the Temple
Lesson 26 Solomon Dedicates the Temple
Lesson 27 God Appears Again to Solomon
Lesson 28 The United Kingdom Dies with Solomon

*includes sample lesson