PROPHETS LOOK 122317Thus Says the LORD:
God Speaks Through His Servants the Prophets

This 28-lesson Catholic Bible study examines the biblical prophets in their historical context. Volume I—”A Kingdom Divided” begins ttgw bug 111617with the scriptural account of the call of Samuel and uses the First and Second Books of the Kings to establish a temporal foundation based on circumstances in Judah and Israel after the death of Solomon. It follow the prophets who were vigorously involved in political and spiritual activity in both kingdoms before the second wave of the Babylonian Captivity in 586 B.C. Volume II—”Restoration & Redemption,” which will be available in the fall of 2019, will provide an in-depth look at the post-exilic prophets.

Written by Jennifer McGaw Phelps and Matthew Phelps, Thus Says the LORD: God Speaks Through His Servants the Prophets takes up where The United Kingdom of Israel: Foreshadowing the Reign of Christ the King leaves off to build a framework for thoughtful study of the roles of priests, prophets, and kings in the Old Testament. This Catholic Bible study will be submitted for an imprimatur and will be available for purchase from our website shop for delivery in late August.

A sample lesson and its coordinating supplemental study page have been posted. Supplemental study pages for each lesson feature additional related commentary and links to our online glossaries and video overviews. The remainder of these online pages will begin to post in August.

Lesson 1 The LORD Announces He Is About To Do a New Thing*
Lesson 2 Nathan, Gad & David
Lesson 3 Ahijah Foretells the End of the United Kingdom
Lesson 4 Jeroboam Turns from the LORD
Lesson 5 Judah Also Sins Against the LORD
Lesson 6 Elijah & the Widow of Zarephath
Lesson 7 Elijah Triumphs Over the Prophets of Baal
Lesson 8 Ahab Humbles Himself Before the LORD
Lesson 9 Ahab Dies in Battle
Lesson 10 Elijah’s Fiery Departure
Lesson 11 Elisha Performs Miracles
Lesson 12 A Syrian Attack Is Thwarted
Lesson 13 The Shunammite Woman’s Land Is Restored
Lesson 14 Jezebel’s Violent Death
Lesson 15 Jehu Avenges the Deaths of the Prophets
Lesson 16 Johoash Repairs the Temple
Lesson 17 The Death of Elisha
Lesson 18 Good & Evil Kings
Lesson 19 Amos, Hosea, Isaiah & Micah
Lesson 20 Ahaz Does Evil in Judah
Lesson 21 Israel’s Sins Lead to Deportation
Lesson 22 Sennacherib Invades Judah
Lesson 23 Hezekiah Consults Isaiah
Lesson 24 Manasseh Reigns in Judah
Lesson 25 Hilkiah Finds the Book of the Law
Lesson 26 Josiah Institutes Reforms
Lesson 27 Zephaniah, Nahum & Habakkuk
Lesson 28 Jeremiah & the Fall of Jerusalem

*includes sample lesson