JOHN LOOK 022516The Gospel According to John:
An Encounter with Grace & Truth

This 25-lesson Catholic Bible study from Turning to God’s Word focuses on grace and truth brought together in buy a bookJesus Christ as described by the Evangelist John in the Fourth Gospel. The biblical text emphasizes the institution of the sacraments of the Church as the means by which Christians are purified and made holy. Written by Jennifer McGaw Phelps, Tami Palladino, and Matthew Phelps, The Gospel According to John: An Encounter with Grace & Truth is designed as an aid to reading and praying with Scripture in order that participants might transform their lives through a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ as God’s Word. The study has been granted an imprimatur by the Most Reverend Richard E. Pates, bishop of Des Moines, and can be purchased from our website shop.

Check out our online study pages for supplemental commentary and video overviews of each lesson.

Lesson 1 In the Beginning Was the Word
Lesson 2 And This Is the Testimony of John
Lesson 3 There Was a Marriage in Cana
Lesson 4 A Man of the Pharisees, Named Nicodemus
Lesson 5 There Came a Woman of Samaria
Lesson 6 Do You Want to Be Healed?
Lesson 7 A Lad with Five Barley Loaves
Lesson 8 I Am the Living Bread
Lesson 9 Rivers of Living Water
Lesson 10 This Woman Has Been Caught in Adultery
Lesson 11 I Am the Light of the World
Lesson 12 A Man Blind from His Birth*
Lesson 13 I Am the Good Shepherd
Lesson 14 I Am the Resurrection & the Life
Lesson 15 The Hour Has Come
Lesson 16 A New Commandment I Give to You
Lesson 17 I Am the Way, the Truth & the Life
Lesson 18 I Am the True Vine
Lesson 19 When the Spirit of Truth Comes
Lesson 20 And This Is Eternal Life
Lesson 21 Whom Do You Seek?
Lesson 22 My Kingship Is Not of This World
Lesson 23 It Is Finished
Lesson 24 Woman, Why Are You Weeping?
Lesson 25 Do You Love Me?

*includes sample lesson