ROSARY LOOK 032516Scripture and the Rosary:
New Testament Mysteries,
Old Testament Parallels

This Catholic study examines the biblical foundations of the Rosary from the point of view of both the Old and the New buy a bookTestaments. It’s designed to enrich prayer life through increased understanding of the Scriptures, as well as to enrich understanding of the Scriptures through deepened prayer. Written by Jennifer McGaw Phelps and Tami Palladino, this 26-lesson Turning to God’s Word Catholic Bible study has been granted an imprimatur from the Most Reverend Richard E. Pates, bishop of Des Moines, and can be purchased from our website shop. Color photographs by Tom Knapp show stained glass windows depicting the original 15 Mysteries of the Rosary. Lessons cover all 20 Mysteries of the Rosary, as well as the Apostles’ Creed and Rosarium Virginis Mariae, Pope St. John Paul II’s apostolic letter about the Rosary.

Check out our online study pages below for supplemental commentary and links to resources related to Scripture and the Rosary: New Testament Mysteries, Old Testament Parallels.

Lesson 1 Contemplating Christ with Mary
Lesson 2 The Rosary: A Compendium of the Gospel
Lesson 3 Assimilating the Mystery of Christ
Lesson 4 God the Father: Creation & Faith
Lesson 5 God’s Only Son: Redemption & Hope
Lesson 6 The Holy Spirit: Sanctification & Love
Lesson 7 The Angel Gabriel Was Sent to a Virgin
Lesson 8 Mary Arose & Went with Haste*
Lesson 9 A Decree Went Out from Caesar
Lesson 10 A Light for Revelation to the Gentiles
Lesson 11 All Who Heard Him Were Amazed
Lesson 12 He Began to Be Sorrowful
Lesson 13 Pilate Took Jesus & Scourged Him
Lesson 14 Here Is the Man!
Lesson 15 He Went Out, Bearing His Own Cross
Lesson 16 There They Crucified Him
Lesson 17 They Went to the Tomb When the Sun Had Risen
Lesson 18 Why Do You Stand Looking Into Heaven?
Lesson 19 A Sound Came From Heaven Like the Rush of a Mighty Wind
Lesson 20 I Go to Prepare a Place for You
Lesson 21 A Woman Clothed with the Sun
Lesson 22 He Saw the Spirit of God Descending Like a Dove
Lesson 23 You Have Kept the Good Wine Until Now
Lesson 24 Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit
Lesson 25 This Is My Son, My Chosen; Listen to Him!
Lesson 26 Take, Eat; This Is My Body

*includes sample lesson