PSALMS 1 LOOK 022516Sing a New Psalm:
Communicating with God Through
the Prayers of the Church

This Turning to God’s Word Catholic Bible study uses as a biblical buy a booktext The Revised Grail Psalms, a translation by the Benedictine monks of Conception Abbey. Sing a New Psalm: Communicating with God Through the Prayers of the Church was written by Jennifer McGaw Phelps and features illustrations by Tami Palladino. Consisting of 28 lessons, the study has been granted an imprimatur from the Most Reverend Richard E. Pates, bishop of Des Moines. The Revised Grail Psalms has received the official recognitio from the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments and is the official liturgical Psalter for the United States. Sing a New Psalm: Communicating with God Through the Prayers of the Church includes a foreword by Gregory Polan, O.S.B., abbot primate of the worldwide Benedictine Confederation. The study requires a separate copy of The Revised Grail Psalms. You can purchase Sing a New Psalm: Communicating with God Through the Prayers of the Church from our website shop.

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Lesson 1   Set a Guard Over My Mouth—Sunday 1st Vespers (Week I)*
Lesson 2   O God, I Seek You at Dawn—Sunday Lauds (Week I)
Lesson 3   You Are a Priest Always—Sunday 2nd Vespers (Week I)
Lesson 4   Hear My Words, O LORD—Monday Lauds (Week I)
Lesson 5   Who Will Abide in the LORD’S Tent?—Monday Vespers (Week I)
Lesson 6   A Soul Athirst for the Living God—Tuesday Lauds (Week I)
Lesson 7   One Thing I Want From the LORD—Tuesday Vespers (Week I)
Lesson 8   Seeing in God’s Light—Wednesday Lauds (Week I)
Lesson 9   An Overflowing Heart—Wednesday Vespers (Week I)
Lesson 10  The Soul’s Awakening—Thursday Lauds (Week I) 
Lesson 11  God Will Buy Back My Soul—Thursday Vespers (Week I)
Lesson 12  Show Me Pity, O God—Friday Lauds (Week I)
Lesson 13  Our Help Is in the Name of the LORD—Friday Vespers (Week I)
Lesson 14  Majesty Higher Than the Heavens—Saturday Lauds (Week I)
Lesson 15  Let My Prayer Be Fixed as Incense—Sunday 1st Vespers (Week II) 
Lesson 16  His Kindness Is Eternal—Sunday Lauds (Week II)
Lesson 17  God Has Sworn and Will Not Be Sorry—Sunday 2nd Vespers (Week II)
Lesson 18  A God Who Works Wonders—Monday Lauds (Week II)
Lesson 19  Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem—Monday Vespers (Week II)
Lesson 20  The LORD God Is Sun and Shield—Tuesday Lauds (Week II)
Lesson 21  The LORD Bless You—Tuesday Vespers (Week II)
Lesson 22  Teach Us to Number Our Days—Wednesday Lauds (Week II)
Lesson 23  O Give Thanks to the LORD—Wednesday Vespers (Week II)
Lesson 24  I Will Walk with Integrity of Heart—Thursday Lauds (Week II)
Lesson 25  What Is Man that You Consider Him?—Thursday Vespers (Week II) 
Lesson 26  Fashion for Me a Pure Heart—Friday Lauds (Week II)
Lesson 27  The LORD Remembers—Friday Vespers (Week II)
Lesson 28  The Just Will Blossom—Saturday Lauds (Week II)

You can compare the two-week cursus used in volume I of our study of the Psalms with the four-week Roman cursus for Lauds and Vespers followed in Liturgy of the Hours.

*includes sample lesson