REVELATION LOOK 022516The Revelation of Jesus Christ:
The Faithful Witness

The Revelation of Jesus Christ: The Faithful Witness provides an in-depth look at the frequently misunderstood final book of the New Testament to buy a bookdetermine its relevance for contemporary Christians. This 23-lesson Catholic Bible study from Turning to God’s Word has been granted an imprimatur from the Most Reverend Richard E. Pates, bishop of Des Moines. Written by Jennifer McGaw Phelps and Matthew Phelps, the study examines the ways in which our traditional Christian view of heaven has been built on Hebrew apocalyptic visions of the Old Testament prophets, and it also looks at how Church teaching about Final Judgment is based on the final book of the Bible. Color illustrations by Tami Palladino shed light on meanings behind the often confusing images found in the book of Revelation. You can purchase The Revelation of Jesus Christ: The Faithful Witness from our website shop.

Check out our online study pages for supplemental commentary and video overviews of each lesson, as well as a link to our chapter-by-chapter review of key events in the book of Revelation. Additional videos about the role of Old Testament liturgy in the book of Revelation were recorded at our 2017 summer Bible study retreat at Conception Abbey, and links to those talks are posted on our video page.

Lesson 1 The Ruler of Kings on Earth
Lesson 2 Behold, I Am Alive for Evermore
Lesson 3 What the Spirit Says to the Churches
Lesson 4 He Who Has an Ear, Let Him Hear
Lesson 5 And Behold, in Heaven an Open Door!*
Lesson 6 Who Is Worthy to Open the Scroll?
Lesson 7 And Behold, a White Horse
Lesson 8 Salvation Belongs to Our God
Lesson 9 Silence in Heaven
Lesson 10 So the Four Angels Were Released
Lesson 11 A Mighty Angel Come Down from Heaven
Lesson 12 I Will Grant My Two Witnesses Power
Lesson 13 A Great Sign Appeared in Heaven
Lesson 14 Men Worshiped the Dragon
Lesson 15 On Mount Zion Stood the Lamb
Lesson 16 Seven Angels with Seven Plagues
Lesson 17 Seven Bowls of the Wrath of God
Lesson 18 Mother of Harlots
Lesson 19 Fallen, Fallen Is Babylon the Great
Lesson 20 The Mighty Voice of a Great Multitude
Lesson 21 This Is the First Resurrection
Lesson 22 I Saw a New Heaven & a New Earth
Lesson 23 And Behold, I Am Coming Soon

*includes sample lesson