study the Bible

FRANCIS WEB“The study of the Sacred Scriptures must be a door opened to every believer. It is essential that the revealed word radically enrich our catechesis and all our efforts to pass on the faith. Evangelization demands familiarity with God’s word, which calls for dioceses, parishes, and Catholic associations to provide for a serious, ongoing study of the Bible, while encouraging its prayerful individual and communal reading. We do not blindly seek God, or wait for him to speak to us first, for ‘God has already spoken, and there is nothing further that we need to know, which has not been revealed to us.'” —Pope Francis

start a Bible study

begin with basics—identify your options as you make plans to study the Bible
focus on Scripture—distinguishing features of Turning to God’s Word Bible studies, including our extensive online resources
keys to great discussions—everything you need to know to facilitate successful groups
Bible study for one—support for times when it just isn’t feasible to join or start a group

praying with Scripture

lectio divina a Catholic approach connecting prayer with the reading of God’s Word
Liturgy of the Hours the prayer of the Church
how to pray the Rosary a helpful diagram with the Rosary prayers, plus information about saints devoted to the Rosary
other Marian prayers—a collection of traditional Catholic Marian prayers
prayers for study groups—how to compose prayers based on Scripture, and other prayer suggestions suitable for Bible study groups
visual meditations—”Right-Brain Reflections,” Tami Palladino’s drawings based on her meditation of the Letter to the Hebrews.

about the Bible

all about Bible translations, includingThe Revised Grail Psalms
a look at the content found in Catholic and Protestant Bibles
senses of Scripture in biblical interpretation
a discussion of sola scriptura
commentaries and other resources to aid in your study the Bible
using the Catechism in Scripture study

ex libris—recommended books about a variety of Catholic topics